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The Dance Project offers intensive technique training, renowned guest instructors, and is home to "Divinity" Professional Dance Company.

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Our objective is to provide dance training that will emphasize proper dance training and technique coupled
with building self esteem and encouraging individual creativity in a safe and positive environment.

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Current Dancing Queen (copy)

Dancing Queen (copy)

Our current Dancing Queen

"Syd is a brilliant dancer, who radiates beauty from the inside out. We love having her part of the TDP family and she is such an amazing example to our younger dancers. Our whole staff respects what a hard worker she is and how she is able to juggle dancing on a championship drill team (Hillcrest HS) and commits to a full 2 days a week of training and competing for TDP as well. Syd will be amazingly successful in life and TDP is thrilled to have been able to share in a small part of this!"

—Laila Hardman, TDP Director

Syd started dancing when she was 3 years old - She's always been addicted "I love the feeling I get when I dance and when I accomplish something I've worked hard for, but the thing I love the most are the relationships I've built through dancing. I've been blessed with the BEST teams - both in high school and in studio. Girls that I will love and look up to my whole life... The beautiful girls on my senior team here at TDP are truly the icing on the cake for me - I love them! At The Dance Project, I can tell that the teachers really want to push me to be my best and they truly want me to succeed. They are some of the most passionate people I have ever met and have taught me so much. They are so supportive and kind! My coaches, dance teachers and the girls that I have been lucky enough to dance with through my life are who inspire me. I love watching them and and learning from them. They have helped me set goals, work hard and have always made sure that I knew they believed in me, but even more than that, they have taught me that it's important to be kind and good before anything else. They are my best friends and the reason that I love dancing so much. I'm excited to head off to college and hope to join a dance team there, but I promise I will be back for lots of technique at TDP!"


Pictures from Event

Check out all of our talented girls in this highlight video of "All That Jazz" - Year End Review at the Marriott Center for Dance. We are so proud of our studio and the beautiful dancers that make us what we are!

Video Highlights:
"All That Jazz"