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The Dance Project offers intensive technique training, renowned guest instructors, and is home to "Divinity" Professional Dance Company.

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Our objective is to provide dance training that will emphasize proper dance training and technique coupled
with building self esteem and encouraging individual creativity in a safe and positive environment.

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Current Dancing Queen

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Our current Dancing Queen

"We all love Bryn so much and have absolutely LOVED watching her grow as a dancer through the years. She is so unbelievably talented and just keeps getting better and better each year because she constantly challenges herself. The best part of Bryn is her caring heart and it shows through when she dances. Congrats Byn! We love you!!!"

—Laila Hardman, TDP Director 

Bryn's Bio:

Bryn started dancing at the ripe old age of three, and has danced with TDP since they opened their doors in 2011. She takes dance very seriously and pushes herself, every day, to be the best she can be.

Bryn is inspired by all of her teachers, but feels especially connected to Karli and Laila. Karli is an AMAZING dancer and has a fun way of inspiring the girls without seeming too strict. Laila is also an AMAZING dancer and has a special place in her heart for her dancers. She pushes them to be their very best and Bryn is grateful when Laila critiques her because it means she cares.

Bryn loves all forms of dance, but if she had to choose a favorite genre’, it would definitely be contemporary. She loves the feeling of flowing seamlessly across the floor in an unpredictable fashion.

Bryn absolutely adores her dance friends and feels like they are all apart of one big happy family. She loves that she can be her silly, goofy self and her friends still love her no matter what. TDP seems to be a judgment free zone and that is rare when it comes to a dance studio. The girls love and support each and it shows on the dance floor.

Bryn can’t imagine dancing anywhere other than TDP. She feels very loyal to her friends and teachers and will dance at TDP for years to come.


Pictures from Event

Check out all of our talented girls in this highlight video of "All That Jazz" - Year End Review at the Marriott Center for Dance. We are so proud of our studio and the beautiful dancers that make us what we are!

Video Highlights:
"All That Jazz"